Rosa Liksom

Rosa Liksom

I can go anywhere by bike.

Having grown up in a Meänkieli-language village in Ylitornio, Finnish Lapland, the author and artist Rosa Liksom is a cosmopolitan, outdoorsy kind of person. Liksom, born Anni Ylävaara, moved to Lapland's biggest city Rovaniemi as a teenager and from there to Helsinki. She has since also lived in Moscow and Copenhagen. Liksom is drawn to places untouched by traditional mass tourism, such as Siberia, Mongolia, China, and small villages in rural Texas.

"I like big cities, especially New York and Moscow, but Helsinki is nice because it's so small. The air quality is good, unlike in other capitals. I can go anywhere by bike. I live in Lauttasaari and jog and stroll around the beaches during the day, and in the summer I get around by boat. The spirit of Helsinki is fresh and charming."

The elements Liksom appreciates in her hometown are also natural ones. Urban green spaces, the sea, forests, and the possibilities offered by them. "The maritime environment is absolutely amazing. I am no culture buff nor high consumer of culture. Probably because I do this for a living. You have to draw some borders for yourself. I enjoy the outdoors much more, and spend a lot of time in nature. I'm an outdoors person." 

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