Jesse Markin

Jesse Markin

I can be around everything here.

Jesse Markin's life has always revolved around music, already when still living in Tampere and Viljakkala. "I moved to Helsinki because this is where everything happens, here I can be around everything. If I wouldn't have come here, many things might be different right now.

When Markin settled in Helsinki in 2007, his first focal point was the record store Keltainen Jäänsärkijä. His circle started to slowly grow from there. "Many things and experiences in Finland can only be found in Helsinki. There is a quicker and different reaction to things. The diverse field makes you interact with different kinds of people, it opens up your world. There is diversity, culture and difference." 

Markin first lived in Veräjälaakso, then Sörnäinen and now in eastern Helsinki. All of these places have their own charm, such as the jogging routes either along the Vantaanjoki river or along the sea. "You can reach forests and water. Diversity is the best thing about Helsinki. Many people have arrived here from somewhere else, and everything is possible." 

"A great thing about Helsinki is that I haven't needed a car in 13 years because you can use public transportation to go anywhere."  

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