Iida & Nelli

Nelli & Iida

You don’t always have to go into the centre of town, as there’s something going on everywhere.

Iida Riilas and Nelli Silander are both natives of Helsinki. The two friends met in high school while playing football in Malmi.

“We realised immediately that we shared the same sense of humour, so we began hanging out together also after training. We also lived close to each other growing up, so we saw each other often.” They both love their hometown because there are always interesting people and things to do throughout the city, not just in the city centre. “There’s something going on everywhere. In summer I really look forward to getting out among the people,” Silander says. Riilas and Silander also appreciate how close the nature is in Helsinki. “We spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors,” Riilas says.

She lived for several years in the Sörnäinen district but recently moved back to her childhood neighbourhood in North Helsinki. Silander has spent her entire adult life in Herttoniemi, but now she is moving in with her boyfriend and also closer to her childhood home in North Helsinki.

“There is a tennis court near my home, and winter it is to go out skiing. I enjoy sports and not just sitting around. I often meet friends while exercising,” Riilas says. Silander too makes the most of the recreational opportunities near her home. She praises Helsinki for all its sports facilities, many of which are free of charge. “I do a lot of sports. I play football, tennis, badminton and paddle tennis, and I also work out at outdoor gyms.

The two friends, who are familiar to Finns from TV. also like to hang out in the centre of Helsinki at restaurants, terraces and shopping centres, as well as sitting in parks with friends. “Everything is close to each other here, and getting around on public transport is really convenient,” Silander summarises. “Helsinki is a multifaceted city in which you can get everything you want fast,” Riilas adds.

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