Ima Iduozee


Helsinki has changed a lot in a short time

Dancer, choreographer and film director Ima Iduozee works a lot internationally and travels around the world, yet sees no need to move abroad. "Helsinki is my home. I grew up here and forged my career here. My love for Helsinki stems from the feeling that it's always nice to come back here." 

Iduozee spent his childhood and youth in Maunula and Pitäjänmäki, or Pitsku, as it's known colloquially. Both districts had already a colourful demographic in those days, with residents from all over the world. "They were very diverse environments in a fun way compared to, for instance, the central districts of Punavuori and Tokoinranta where I've lived as an adult. It now feels like the whole city has gone through a cycle of change in a very short time. I feel a whole new liking for the city. Lots of options have started to pop up, and there are many things to immerse in in terms of culture, arts and music."

These days, Iduozee tours the different cultural venues of the city through his work. He makes choreographies for theatre and opera, as well as for galas and the advertising world. "Finland is a small market, so you need to work very diversely." 

His latests projects include also directing music videos for artists like Malla, Yeboyah and Isaac Sene. "I enjoy the variety in my work, it gives me energy. At the end of the day, everything is very connected, be it stage work or moving image." 

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