Ringa Manner


One day I will call myself a true Helsinkian.

"The Helsinki of my childhood was defined by the Market Square. We came to the city centre by bus, walked around and then had an ice-cream", says Ringa Manner, artist and songwriter. Manner spent her childhood and youth in the adjacent city of Vantaa. When visiting Helsinki, she would sometimes see her uncle who lived in the district of Kallio, on Torkkelinmäki. "Wow, I always thought. It felt like such an amazing place. Being surrounded by apartment buildings was luxurious, and that you could walk in directly from the hallway. I still haven't found a more beautiful sound than a well-oiled apartment door that closes smoothly with a click."

Towards the end of high school, Manner started a band with her friends and found her way to Helsinki. She now tours with her own newly released solo album, as well as with the bands Ruusut, The Hearing and Pintandwefall

Manner's cosiest Helsinki corners are located in Kallio and Vallila, having lived in both districts. She is especially fond of the streets around the Kallio Church. Manner would like to be better acquainted with the districts of Punavuori, Töölö and Meilahti. "The buildings are so beautiful. I could just stroll around and admire them. Then I'd find a nice café to sit and think in peace." 

Even after 12 years in Helsinki, Manner still does not feel like a proper Helsinkian. "On an emotional level yes, but my Vantaa identity still also runs strong. Maybe there will be a day when I will call myself a Helsinkian!" 

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