Saimi Hoyer

Saimi Hoyer

Helsinki has a ring of its own.

Saimi Hoyer is a person of opposites. Urban and agrarian. Loving the spotlight and loving to step away from it. A cosmopolitan nature enthusiast who struts through the mushroom forests of East Savonia as comfortably as over the catwalks. A book-loving aesthete who also takes care of plumbing emergencies herself. 

Hoyer has looked at her birthtown of Helsinki with different eyes in different moments. As a child, as a student at the music-focused Sibelius upper secondary school, as an expat popping in to Finland, as a career-changer, and nowadays as a "provincial" visitor to Helsinki, as she puts it.

"I used to have a love-hate relationship with Helsinki, now I just have one of love. I used to sigh from relief when I could leave the city for the peace and quiet of the countryside. Now I find it exciting to go to Helsinki to see what is happening. I feel it in my guts when the train pulls into the railway station. I used to leave Helsinki and head to Punkaharju feeling empty. Now, when I go back to eastern Finland I feel full. I'm blooming with ideas and joy. Helsinki is the best possible travel destination for me right now." 

In her modelling years, Hoyer worked in cities like Tokyo, London, Paris, Milan and New York. She worked for the famed fashion houses Givenchy and Burberry, and posed on the pages of iconic magazines like Vogue and Elle. "After living abroad for 10 years, Helsinki looked like a little town to me. But I have to say that already back then Helsinki had a ring of its own. Now that I look at it, I especially like how it rings at the moment. Helsinki has developed a lot as a city."

Hoyer tends to form strong attachments to people and places. "I lived for a long time in Hakaniemi, and it became an important place for me. I used to walk endlessly along the shore there. Many see Hakaniemi as somewhere to just pass through, but I miss it physically. Sometimes when I cross Hakaniemi on a tram, I feel it in my heart."

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