M. A. Numminen

M. A. Numminen

The Roskapankki bar tests the mental endurance of the foreign visitor.

M. A. Numminen is a leading figure in the Finnish underground and alternative music scene. For the larger public in the 1960s, his radical take on culture made him a kind of agent provocateur. At the same time, he is also a beloved children's musician, visual artist, and author. His distinctive singing voice is recognised by all Finns. One of his most famous acts is the duo Gommi ja Pommi, in which Numminen sings dressed up as a rabbit. 

Few Helsinkians know the city as well as M. A. Numminen. The city of Helsinki often appears in his music as its own character. During his student years, Numminen researched the old slang of Helsinki and its speakers. In the 1980s he worked as a tour guide for the City of Helsinki.

Aside from knowing all the restaurants in town, M. A. Numminen has left his own mark on Finnish bar culture. He wrote the cult book Baarien mies (Man of Bars) in the 1980s which portrays around 300 local pubs in Finland. 

M. A. Numminen lives on Caloniuksenkatu in Töölö with his wife, only 300 metres away from the renowned meeting point of cultural radicals, the artist restaurant Elite. The establishment is naturally first on M. A. Numminen's list. 

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