Koko Hubara

Koko Hubara

The trenches are a part of Helsinki's history that was not taught in schools.

Koko Hubara is an author and editor-in-chief of the online community Ruskeat Tytöt (Brown Girls). She has lived all around Helsinki, from Tapanila to Etu-Töölö and from Punavuori to Hermanni. At the moment, she works in Kontula on the eastern side of the city. 

Koko Hubara familiarised the public with the term "brown girls" in her popular blog of the same name. In it, she underlined the racism and sexism experienced by racially profiled women.  In 2017, Hubara published a collection of essays under the title Ruskeat Tytöt – Tunne-esseitä (Brown Girls – Essays of feeling), which dove into topics of identity, beauty, hip hop, and parenthood through the scope of a crossing point of gender, ethnicity, and class. 

It was the first Finnish-language book made by a brown girl for brown girls. Brown Girls has become more than an online media. It is supported by a community, and it organises events such as a club night at the restaurant Putte's. This year, the RT LIT AKATEMIA writing school kicks off as a collaboration with the Helsinki and Vantaa Girls' Houses and the independent publishing house S&S. Although born in neighbouring Vantaa, Koko Hubara considers herself primarily a Helsinkian. In her city everyone gets to be exactly who they are. 

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