Minna Parikka

Minna Parikka

To me, Helsinki is most of all synonymous with tranquility, functionality and good everyday living.

Minna Parikka is a shoe designer from Helsinki and has a brand carrying her own name. She studied shoe design in England where she also picked up several prestigious awards in the field. Minna Parikka's flagship store was in Helsinki and her shoes were sold by 100 retailers in dozens of countries.

She was born and grew up in Helsinki's Pajamäki.

"There was a lot of nature around. I would play with the other kids on Patterimäki, a hill with wartime trenches, caves and remains of fortresses. It was an exciting playground." 

Sometimes Minna and her friends would extend their territory without permission. 

"We secretly broke a piggy bank and took off to the Linnanmäki Amusement Park. The cashier’s expression while counting out our five-penny coins was priceless. Our money was enough for maybe two and a half rides." 

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