Jan Liesaho

Jan Liesaho

I've lived in many spots around the city but have made a home in Etu-Töölö. Many of my city tips are therefore from my own surroundings in Töölö.

Stadin puutarhuri ('The City Gardener') is Helsinki's only organic gardening enterprise. It supplies citizens with organic vegetables grown in the grounds of the historical Herttoniemi Manor. In addition to gardening, Stadin puutarhuri organises gardening courses and various events. This year, Liesaho was awarded the Local Food Initiative of the Year in Helsinki, alongside the Juuri restaurants. 

Jan Liesaho moved to Helsinki at the age of 22 from Sweden, where he had lived since he was ten years old. Organic gardening started as a passionate hobby of Liesaho's during his student years. He finally enrolled in a gardening school yet did not want to move away from the city. Instead, Liesaho rented the grounds of the Herttoniemi Manor in 2013 for growing crops. 

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