Best smelling spots in Helsinki

Two small girls are smiling and walking towards the camera through a meadow of yellow flowers. There are two rows of trees in full blossom either side of them that stretch into the distance.
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Science has proven that smells can help trigger memories better than visuals. Makes sense since whenever we think of some of the happiest moments in our lives we associate smells with it. The smell of grandma's freshly baked pie or the cinnamon wafting through the house during Christmas. Life is full of memories that tantalise our senses.

There are fragrant spots littered throughout Helsinki and for every Helsinkian or visitor these aromas hold a special place and help remind them of the beauty and charm that the city has to offer. For some, Helsinki is synonymous with the aromas of freshly baked breads and buns and smoked meats and fish that the city's market halls have on display. For others it could be the smell of trees and nature that is omnipresent in Helsinki.

In the Harry Potter series we are told that love potions have a unique smell for every individual. Everyone can draw up notes of things they truly love the smell of. For a lot of Finns the smells would be reminiscent of nature, it could be freshly cut morning grass, which you can find in abundance at the Sinebrychoff park. Or maybe all the forest scents at the Central Park that you can walk through for an entire evening. The fragrance of soft pine soap, mäntysuopa, that you can find at any carpet washing places or perhaps the smell of tar in springtime near any of the city's boat yards, for example in Suomenlinna.

Childhood picnics and beaches go hand in hand, for a lot of Helsinkians sitting idly at a beach on a summer's day and soaking in the sun and salty sea water smell at Mustikkamaa is an experience full of nostalgia. If you are after nostalgia then nothing hits the spot like Linnanmäki. The smell of sweet candy floss and old wood on the iconic rollercoaster, vuoristorata, is what childhood memories are based on in this city. The woody aroma is also present at the architectural feat Löyly, as the wooden building is an endless source of fragrances, from the warm sauna, to beautiful musky wood and seaside breeze. You will find everything that Finland stands for, a balance between nature and urban life.

You can continue to explore the city as well as it fragrances by enjoying sumptuous cinnamon buns at a fireside at Cafe Regatta, buns and smoky fire need we say more? Or take a moment to admire flowers and smell the roses at the Helsinki Winter Garden. Admire the artisanal chocolate truffles and take in the coco bean aroma at Chjoko, or enjoy the smell of freshly baked breads at Primo at the Venetsia building in Lapinlahti. For a lot of Finns the elixir of life is undoubtedly coffee and whether or not you love the taste we can all appreciate the smell. So wake up and smell the coffee at Helsinki Coffee Roastery

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While most would argue a city is made of the sights it has to offer, Helsinki on the other hand is made of the aromas it offers to its people.