Best colourful spots in Helsinki

It's in May at Roihuvuori park, and a person stands with their back to the camera, holding a pink umbrella in front of Cherry Trees in full blossom.
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For a long time Helsinki has been plagued with the image of being snow covered and bleak, which is certainly not true. The city has lots of lovely colourful spots where the locals like to go and admire the colours that nature or nurture has to offer.

If it is nature's beautiful colours you want to admire then nothing beats the Roihuvuori Cherry Park. In spring the Japanese cherry blossom festival is celebrated here when the trees are in bloom. The festival takes place when the cherry trees are in blossom, and you are surrounded by shades of pink. Another gem in that deserves to be seen by all visitors to Helsinki when the plants are in bloom is the Rhododendron Park in Haaga. The peak blooming season for both the rhododendrons and the azaleas is early June when it is worth paying a visit to admire the colours. 

If it is more of a structured place you want to visit to admire colours of nature and plants then head over to the allotment garden in Kumpula. Here you will find paths that are lined with all sorts of flowers and the lawns are trimmed to perfection and a beautiful colourful wooden cabins in every allotment as well. Similarly Suomenlinna is full of colourful houses and architectural feats. Stone walls and buildings are exceptionally beautiful in autumns, when the island is covered and accessorised with beautiful foliage, now that is a sight to behold. 

Manmade colourful spots in Helsinki are also plentiful. Whether it is the nostalgic atmosphere of orange tents and gorgeous fresh seasonal produce at the Market Square or the rows of colourful houses at Huvilakatu, Finns sure enjoy colours. Another place that beams of colours and holds a special place in every Helsinkian's heart is Linnanmäki. Every ride is painted in a striking colour, you will surely not find a more colourful spot in the city than this. Even the snacks come in pastel colours, buy yourself some blue candy floss or how about some neon coloured 'metre liquorice', metrilaku, as we call it. Or play some games and win fun coloured teddy bears and narwhals. If you want to continue admiring manmade artistic endeavours then visit the Suvilahti grafitti wall. This 100m long wall, dedicated to your self expression, is located in the old industrial area of Suvilahti. One of the few places in the city where graffiti is actively encouraged.

Not just nature and sights, Helsinki also has colourful things to offer that you can buy and thus have a keepsake of this wonderful city. While we might be minimalists we don't shy away from adding colour into our lives by the means of homeware and clothes. Need proof? Well head to the Iittala and Arabia store, here you will find glassware and ceramics in every shade of the rainbow. The mantra being why eat of dull plates when you can add a pop of colour into your life. Similarly the iconic Finnish fashion and lifestyle brand, Marimekko is synonymous with panache and striking prints. Everyone can use a bit of poppy print in their lives. The Marimekko Outlet is the best place to go if you are trying to inject some colour and print into your life.

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While we mostly associate neutrals and minimalism with Nordic countries it has to be noted that Helsinkians have a flair for colour and sure have lots of places where we go to appreciate and enjoy said rainbows.