Sinebrychoff Park

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<p>Sinebrychoff Park is the most popular park in the Punavuori district. Sinebrychoff Park was originally the private garden of Russian-born businessman Nikolai Sinebrychoff (1786-1848). During his days, Sinebrychoff constructed a brewery and distillery in Hietalahti. Next to the brewery and his mansion, he had an English-style geometric garden established. The park got its current layout in the 1960's when the Mallaskatu tunnel was built under the park and in the 1980's when the park layout was planned again by the Park Division of the Public Works Department. Surrounded by neighbouring buildings, the park is an important green oasis in the densely built city centre.
<p>Today there is eg. a play park, a café and a public toilet in the park.</p>

Bulevardi 40

60.162052154541, 24.932657241821

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