Market hall

Old Market Hall

The Old Market Hall in Helsinki has served its customers since 1889.

Merchants sell all sorts of cheese, fish, shellfish, vegetable, fruit and cakes to spices, coffee and tea. They are also more than happy to help with any special orders.

Here you can also find the smallest Alko shop for wines and beverages, as well as cafe's and restaurants.

Hakaniemi Market Hall

Hakaniemi Market Hall is a genuine Finnish market hall. Designed by architect Karl Hård af Segerstad, the market hall was opened in 1914. The charming 100-year-old building has many shops on two floors. Eg. fresh fish, bread and pastries and other delicious food can be found on the first floor and souvenirs, handicrafts, interior decorations and other design objects on the second floor.

Hakaniemi Market Hall is closed until further notice due to renovation. The vendors can be found in the next door temporary market hall until the renovation is completed.