Activity Places

Reaktion Games

<p>Reaktion Games is a sports entertainment concept for groups. It is a complex of three different sports games with a fun tournament of an hour and a half.</p>
<p>The sports are Factory Football, Hyper Hockey and Volla Bolla (volleyball).</p>
<p>The games are suitable for participants aged 10 to 75. The tournament is intended for private groups, i.e. the games are played only among your own group. </p>


Raivoomo is a place for having fun in a new and unique way. At Raivoomo it is possible to release stress and release some steam in a safe and enjoyable way.

It´s as simple as this. Choose a room with a bunch of things that can be smashed up by using a baseball bat. The things consist of microwawe -ovens, laptops, vacuum cleaners, glasses and plates.

EXITE Live Games

EXITE Live Games at Katajanokka is an immersive, fun and most importantly very exciting real live gaming experience, where your task is to solve the mysteries and puzzles in groups of 2-5 people before you run out of time, which is 60 minutes. The games are suitable for everyone and the experience is surprisingly exhilarating. As in live exit game, you are playing with real people in real space so the experience is much more vivid than in video games.

Exite offers a selection of escape rooms with different difficulties. All rooms have been developed by the company, and are thus unique and not copies of other rooms elsewhere. The escape rooms are suitable for families as well.

The rooms are located in three different addresses in Katajanokka area.

NJK Sailing Center

NJK Sailing Center teaches sailing on all levels, from beginner to expert. At NJK Sailing Center you can sail without your own boat either on your own or during the weekly practice sessions and competitions.

Sailing Center also organizes beginners courses and competitions on weekends.

aMazed Games Erottaja

aMazed Games Room Escape offers the possibility to enjoy a lead role in one of the adrenaline packed and intense real life room escape games, at two different locations in Helsinki city centre. In the game the team will have to find its way out by solving puzzles, opening locks and completing tasks in one hour. The sense of time and place is lost at aMazed Games. Only locks, riddles and the joy of discovery are present. aMazed Games has invested in the visual appearance and genuine atmosphere of the rooms through production design and sound effects, and at some games also with an actor. The games last 60 minutes, but you can always try to escape earlier.