Coolhead Taproom & Terrace

Coolhead Brewery was founded in 2016 and their mission is to put Finland in the craft beer world map. They are working towards the goal by only releasing interesting, top-quality beers that they love to drink themselves.

The new home in Helsinki is a unique 1500 m2 glass building that used to serve as a greenhouse.
The brewery brews around 250.000 liters per year, focusing on Nordic Sours, IPA's and high-ABV / BA-products. CoolHead is all about the Nordic and exotic clashing. In the beers you can taste the clean, crisp and minimalistic notes resembling the Nordic nature, but also the fresh, colourful and exciting taste of the tropics.

Pien Brewpub

Pien Brewpub on Hämeentie serves beer from small scale breweries, also their own, in 16 taps. Pien Brewpub serves also, as first in Finland, New Haven-style apizza.

Teerenpeli Kamppi

Teerenpeli Kamppi, in the heart of Helsinki and known for its craft beer, has been a living room for those with a taste for good beer and whisky for over 10 years. The microbrewery inside the bar is one of the oldest in Helsinki center area and produces small batches of craftbeer which can only be enjoyed on the spot.

Helsinki Bryggeri Brewhouse

Bryggeri Helsinki serves food and beer produced on the premises from scratch using the finest raw ingredients. New flavours are developed according to season. All of Bryggeri Helsinki's own beers are manufactured on-site in the Torikorttelit cellar. The beers represent a diverse range of different beer styles and are served fresh for the best taste. In a true brewery-restaurant, the drinks are tailored to suit the food.