Skutta Ravintola

Skutta is an art and culture bistro, where nature takes place on the plate. During lunch the restaurant offers food made of seasons best ingredients as well as wild food. On Saturdays the menu consists of everything between Wienerschnitzels to comforting brunch. Also art and events.

Finnkino Itis

Opened in November 2018, Finnkino Itis is a 9 auditorium cinema in in Itis shopping centre in Itäkeskus. This cinema has Finland's first IMAX-auditorium, six other classic cinema auditoriums and two LUXE premium auditoriums.

The cozy Oscar's Bar on the 2nd floor of the movie theater, is a place to go for a glass of wine or order some 'movie food' to enjoy before or after the movie, or at the LUXE premium auditoriums during the movie.

Lanterna shopping centre

Lanterna in Roihupelto in east-Helsinki is a shopping centre for home and interior. There are several speciality shops selling furniture and home decors, as well as a full service hardware store under the same roof.

Shops include: Aitokaluste, Asko, Casalight, Finnlandia, Isku, Jysk, Keittiömaailma, Kodin1, K-Rauta, Kruunukaluste, Laatukeittiöt, Masku, Metropoli, Rusta, Sotka and Vepsäläinen. Also Hesburger.

Mylläri Community centre

Mylläri Community centre is a meeting facility, an information centre and a recreational place.

Rest in the lobby on your way to the store, meet friends, talk to others and see the art exhibition. The exhibition in Kansangalleria in the lobby changes every month. The community centre is in the same building as eg. Myllypuro Media Library.