Uumaja is a relaxed summer terrace/café by the seaside in Kalasatama. During daytime more of an cafe, towards the evenings music and bubbly drinks. Also some snacks.

Harbour Tap & Taste

Located by the sea shore at the new residential area in Kalasatama, Harbour Tap & taste is the living room of the area as well as a restaurant with an excellent selection of beers. The seaview from the restaurant and its outdoor terrace is towards Mustikkamaa island and the bridge (Isoisänsilta) connecting to it.

Breakaway cc

Breakaway cc is a multi-division local cycling powerhouse covering cyclists'​ needs from maintenance to international gravel events and from rentals to experience productions.

Breakaway cc offers premium gravel bike rentals, bike maintenance, cycling apparel and bike components. Artisan Café makes the finest espresso and coffee in town from 7.30am onwards.

Want to discover the Helsinki surroundings by gravelbike? Stop by to get some inspiration and download the free Komoot routes and join the Helsinki gravel community on one of the social rides.

UFF Kurvi

UFF Finland runs 22 second hand shops in the largest cities in Finland. UFF Second Hand Shops are known for their fashionable selection of clothes, also vintage.

U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland sr (UFF) is an independent non-profit non-governmental humanitarian organization founded in 1987. The objective of UFF is to give equal opportunities for all people.

There are 13 shops in Helsinki, all together 22 shops in Finland.


Madonna is a classic restaurant, bar and terrace, located in an old factroy building and serving favourite dishes and drinks from the entire treasure trove of the Italian boot.

The pizza is thin and crispy Roman style, pasta often home-made, topping it off with gelato made right in the Madonna kitchen.

The bar, a golden and velvety centrepiece of the dining room, serves classic cocktails and beloved Italian drinks - not to forget about Madonna's own limoncello.

With its extravagant Murano lamps and lemon-filled marble fountains, the restaurant's décor is a warm breeze in the midst of Scandinavian minimalism.

Noli Sörnäinen

Noli Sörnäinen offers 197 stylish studios, a modern gym, sauna area, co-working, community spaces and more. With the amenities of a hotel and the comforts of home, Noli Studios gives you more room to focus on living.

The contemporary Noli Sörnäinen is located in the area of Sörnäinen, the center point of Helsinki's hip urban culture and nightlife. Built in 1962, the former office building of Kansa is an iconic area landmark with views of the sea as well as of downtown Helsinki.

Sörnäinen is an old industrial area mixed with red-brick buildings and early 20th century architecture. A mecca of Helsinki's urban arts community, the area is alive with galleries, cafés and bars. With easy access to public transportation, the Helsinki city centre is just a few minutes away from Noli Sörnäinen.