Remote-work and study place decorated in navy-style with adjustable electric tables as well as comfy armchairs. Tram-line goes nearby, bike can be left in front of the place or taken inside. Toilet and fridge for snacks. Many nice cafes and lunch-places nearby.


Remote-work or study place with comfortable surroundings; adjustable electric desks, nice armchairs etc. Framery-space for phonecalls and silent working. Fridge for snacks. Leave bike in front of the window, car parking by the street. Supermarket Hertta opposite from the location, many restaurants and cafes nearby. Only a short walk to metro and buses.


Spacehub is a private workspace anywhere, any time. Easy and private space for meetings or remote working.

Find the first Spacehubs in shopping centers in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo, right next to services and restaurants.

With the Spacehub app (Google Play Store or App Store) it is possible to find, reserve, open and pay for the Spacehub. In a Spacehub you can easily have meetings without disturbance or worries about privacy leaking. Due to the soundproof walls, safety and peace is always guaranteed.

Spacehubs are made of premium materials, which feel great, but are also easy to clean. Spacehub also replaces its air every 90 seconds, and the surfaces are anti-bacteria covered.

Find the nearest Spacehub: Ainoa, Kluuvi, Kaari, Dixi, Itis, Factory (Pitäjänmäki), Iso Omena, Tripla, Redi, Hertsi, GLO Hotels Airport, A-Bloc, Arabia.