Six beautiful indoor swimming pools in Helsinki


Helsinki is full of the most beautiful indoor swimming pools you can imagine. And since lots of them will close in the summer, now is the perfect time to explore them.

Tabatha Leggett

1. Yrjönkatu swimming hall

Yrjönkatu swimming hall is Finland’s oldest pool: it was built in 1928. The pool is 25 metres long and the building’s classical architecture is well worth checking out.  Men and women swim on separate days there, and everyone has the opportunity to swim without swimsuits. A one-time pass costs €5.50 and also gets you access to a spacious electric sauna at the back of the hall. If you feel like splashing out, it costs €16 to rent a bathrobe and access the upstairs lounge which overlooks the pool. There, you’ll get access to additional wood, electrical, and infrared saunas as well as a delightful cafe, from which you can order drinks and snacks.
Yrjönkatu 21B

2. Itäkeskus swimming hall

The most unusual thing about Itäkeskus swimming hall is that it’s built underground, into a rock. In fact, it can even serve as a bomb shelter. The hall opened in 1993 and is home to six saunas, a cold water pool, and a steam bath—as well as the famous 50m pool. It’s worth visiting for the experience, and the length of the pool makes it a great place to exercise. They also have a unisex dressing room which is especially useful for families. A one-time pass costs €5.50 and the metro takes 16 minutes to get to Itäkeskus from the centre of town. 
Olavinlinnantie 6

3. Jakomäki swimming hall 

Jäkomaki swimming hall was originally built for the students at Jakomäki high school; in fact, the pool is in the school’s basement. The pool opened in 1972 and has since been renovated and made fully wheelchair accessible. There’s a children’s pool as well as a 25m swimming pool for adults and it’s a lovely place to go for a dip after work. A ticket will cost you €5.50. Remember to check their website before you plan to go: their opening hours are irregular. 
Somerikkopolku 6

4. Pirkkola swimming hall 

Pirkkola swimming hall is right in the middle of Central Park, and one side of the building is made of glass so you can enjoy its beautiful setting as you swim. The hall is home to a 25m pool for adults, as well as a children’s pool with a water slide. There are five saunas at Pirkkola swimming hall, and local buses from the centre of town will take you there in 12 minutes. A one-time pass costs €5.50.
Pirkkolan metsätie 6

5. Mäkelänrinne swimming hall 

At 50m long, Mäkelänrinne swimming pool is popular with Helsinki’s serious swimmers. As well as gym facilities, a steam room, and saunas, the hall houses a 10m diving board, a cold water pool, and a hydro massage pool. If you recognise it when you get there that’s because high profile swimming events often take place in Mäkelänrinne swimming hall. Tickets cost €6.70 each.
Mäkelänkatu 49

6. UH and FIX Vuosaari

UH and FIX Vuosaari is home to a 25m pool, a children’s pool, diving boards, two saunas, and the most magnificent water slide. The pool’s back wall is made of glass, so you can enjoy the daylight while you swim in the middle of winter. An adult ticket costs €6 and the metro to Vuosaari takes 22 minutes from the centre of town. 
Vuosaarentie 5

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Helsinki is full of the most beautiful indoor swimming pools you can imagine.