5 x wellness in Helsinki

Yrjönkadun uimahalli Helsingissä.

Helsinki offers lots of great wellness alternatives. Treat yourself to a day of relaxing pampering, either by yourself or with a friend. Here are five favourites paired up with a food and drinks alternative!

Enni Koistinen
Enni Koistinen / Musla

Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall + Café Yrjö

Even though this is officially just a public swimming pool, the atmosphere on the second floor with its bathing cabinets is more reminiscent of a grand old Southern European spa. Visiting Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall is fun with friends but even more relaxing if you go by yourself. Remember to purchase access to the second floor when you enter so you can enjoy the steam and wood-heated saunas. You will also find Café Yrjö, which serves delicious snacks and refreshing drinks, including its legendary mead (“sima” in Finnish). Hot tip: order your food and drinks as soon as you arrive so that it will be waiting for you at your table when you emerge from the hot sauna.

Kämp Spa + Salutorget

The Kämp Spa at the exclusive Hotel Kämp has just had a full makeover and is open to everyone, not just hotel guests. This luxurious spa offers pampering treatments that range from massages to facial treatments, including tailored treatments for men, friends and expecting mothers. Nothing beats a good massage followed by a eucalyptus-scented steam sauna. You can continue the indulgence with an authentic high tea at the nearby Salutorget, which also serves a vegan version.

Jolie Spa + Café Helkatti

Jolie Spa is a natural cosmetics spa that provides only premium and reliable eco-certified treatments. Many of these are suitable for people with sensitive skin, as the individual needs of your skin are discussed before the treatments begin. In addition to a wide range of facial treatments, Jolie Spa offers anti-stress body and food treatments, as well as lymph massages. What better way to round out a long day of walking around the city than with a pampering and energising foot treatment? Afterwards you can relax among the purring cats and enjoy a slice of cake at the nearby cat café Helkatti!

Helsinki Day Spa + Bier Bier

The first day spa in Helsinki has a reputation for premium treatments and offers a luxurious atmosphere in the heart of the city. Enjoy massages, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and many other special treatments – including a light impulse treatment that firms up your skin and balances your skin colour. In between treatments you can relax in the stylish lounge and afterwards cross the road to Bier Bier, a bar with an amazing selection of craft beers and wines!

Kotiharjun sauna + Riviera

Kotiharju is one of the most legendary public saunas in Helsinki, maybe because you can pay extra for a professional massage or to be scrubbed by a washer. This is a place you come to not for a sense of luxury but for the genuine local atmosphere. Its services even include cupping, which is said to being a relaxing and cleansing experience despite the bloodletting. Afterwards you can sink into one of the soft chairs at the adjacent Riviera cinema and sip one of its film-inspired cocktails.

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Helsinki offers lots of great wellness alternatives. Treat yourself to a day of relaxing pampering, either by yourself or with a friend.