Soma Shop

Soma Shop sells Finnish art and craft in Helsinki. All products are handmade by Finnish designers. Soma Shop offers clothes made from nature fibers, new and recycled jewellery and lots of funny little gifts. All designed and handmade in Finland.

Okra Shop

Finnish arts, crafts and design shop Okra is located in the center of Helsinki, on the edge of Senate Square and opposite of the Helsinki Cathedral.


Uusix is the largest organizer of rehabilitating work in Finland.

An essential part of the work at Uusix is an inventive and versatile usage of recycled materials.

Products made at Uusix can be bought at the Uusix-shop at Kyläsaari premises.

Figulus REDI handicraft shop

Figulus is a crafters dream come true! There is a wide selection of hand crafted jewellery and ceramics by Figulus, beads and jewellery findings, yarns, other crafting treasures and hand made gifts and home decor from near and far.

The store is located on the Sköne side of Redi shopping centre on the 2nd floor.