Repositioning Helsinki Marketing's operations in the COVID-19 crisis and in the future

Facing the camera but only showing their torso in the photo, a woman presents a handful of red berries gently cupped in her hands.

Dear reader,

The COVID-19 crisis has had a strong impact on the tourism and events industry, thus affecting Helsinki Marketing's operations.

On this website, you can find information of how Helsinki Marketing has repositioned itself. We have adapted our functions to the crisis and reorganised our operations for the future. Our strengths, agility and flexibility, have enabled us to renew our operations.

Helsinki Marketing’s strategy and priorities have been renewed to coincide with the current situation as well as future challenges. Our role has changed during this crisis and we have established projects on crisis recovery program and have been mapping different possibilities for the future. International marketing will still be a core task at Helsinki Marketing but within these next months our role and operations will adapt to the current situation. For the time being, we are focusing our operations on the domestic market. However, in the future, we need even more international recognition and we will continue working hard on international PR and marketing. We believe that Helsinki offers what people are looking for in a place to visit, live or work: space, time, stability and sustainability.

We can state that the emphasis of our activities is relevant also during the COVID-19 pandemic. We still have two crosscutting points in our actions: digital innovations and sustainability. Investing in digitalisation and sustainability will be necessary during and after this crisis. The City of Helsinki continues to invest heavily in its climate work and is working hard towards becoming carbon neutral by 2035. Consequently, we will continue to work for strengthening sustainable actions and contents in Helsinki Marketing.

One of the cornerstones of our operations is cooperation, and now its importance is highlighted more than ever. During this time, it is important for us to look into the future, recognise new possibilities and tackle them by taking new concrete growth-creating measures. In our work, we want to support the local agents, but also to be an active player in international networks.

Best regards,

Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing

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Facing the camera but only showing their torso in the photo, a woman presents a handful of red berries gently cupped in her hands.