Uumaja is a relaxed summer terrace/café by the seaside in Kalasatama. During daytime more of an cafe, towards the evenings music and bubbly drinks. Also some snacks.

Cafe & Bistro Hiezu

Cafe & Bistro Hiezu is a year-round beach oasis at Hietaranta, Hietsu, beach.

The menu consists of both savoury and sweet treats, from pastries and cakes to artisan pizzas. Besides the food, the restaurant offers also a magnificent sea and beach view from the large windows.

The café-restaurant is open all year.

Lonna Coffee shop & Bar

The heart of the island, cozy and cute Coffee shop & Bar is located downstairs of the Lonna restaurant at Lonna island. It's a perfect meeting spot for starting the visit at the island. The lovely staff will guide you to the services on the island and serve you tasty waffles and snacks with refreshing beverages.

Kahvila Meridian

Located by the harbour in Vartionkylä, Cafe Merdian is a cosy and happy meeting place to have a meal or pancakes with coffee and enjoying the seaside at. The cafe is also known for its salmon soup, made with love and the best, fresh ingredients.

Cafe Kobben

Katajanokanluoto is a small island open for public just outside Helsinki city centre.

Cafe Kobben on the island offers delicious pizza baked in a real Italian gas fired pizza oven, cold and hot beverages and sweet and savoury delicacies.

A boat connection to the island from the Market Square during summer season.