4,5 hour Nuuksio tour including transportation from and to Helsinki.

Nuuksio landscape
270 minuter
86 €

<p>This tour takes you away from the buzz of the city to the serenity of the Nuuksio national park. A professional guide takes you deep into the nature of the southern Finland. As going through both marked and unmarked trails, the guide will tell about the surrounding nature and its constant transformation as well as the history of Nuuksio. The focus is on the ongoing season. On this tour you will learn about the Finnish everyman's rights and see spectacular views and natural formations. </p>
<p>The transportation departs from the Senate Square of Helsinki (Unioninkatu 34). Guided program will take 2 hours after which you have 1 hour to visit the Haltia nature museum, use restaurant services or just relax in the woods by the lake.</p>

Unioninkatu 34
60.169497808792, 24.950877956379
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