Kansalaisfoorumin toimintatila

Citizens' Forum (Kansalaisfoorumi) is a national adult education institution, which goal is to promote active citizenship, foster a sense of community and offer people opportunities for participation and personal growth.

Kansalaisfoorumi lets a meeting space for its member organizations and other associations in Sörnäinen. The space is suitable for eg. educational purposes, meetings etc.

Taidetöölö Music School

Taidetöölö is a private music school in Helsinki that offers high quality music education for everyone of any age and skill level. All the teachers have advanced education in musical teaching and often perform in concerts in Finland and abroad.

The school offers trial lessons before starting the school, for which you can sign up at any time of the year. The school provides musical instruments and everything else that is necessary for a trial lesson. Taidetöölö is also for those who dream of crossing their own boundaries.