Mustasaari island

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<p>Mustasaari is a unique summer paradise with a possibility for many activities. Owned by the Helsinki Parish Union, the island is open for everybody and situated fifteen minutes ferryride away from the buzz of the city. The ferry departs from Taivallahti.
<p>Mustasaari island is especially popular among families with kids. There is a playground, a shallow beach and a lunch café, known for its cinnamon buns (korvapuusti in Finnish). There are also some sheep and bunnies living on the island during the summer months. Programme and events are organized throughout the summer, and a regular moment of prayer is organized daily.
<p>Dogs are not allowed on the island.</p>

Seurasaaren selkä

60.172435760498, 24.868431091309

Opening hours
Monday: All day open
Tuesday: 9:00-18:00
Wednesday: 9:00-20:00
Thursday: 9:00-20:00
Friday: 9:00-18:00
Saturday: 9:00-18:00
Sunday: 9:00-18:00
Opening hours (text form)
Open in summer, Tue, Fri-Sun 9-18, Wed-Thu 9-20 (8.6.-15.8.2021), closed on Mondays
Opening hours exception
Open in summer Tue-Sun (8.6.-15.8.2021), closed on Mondays