Oбщественных саун в Хельсинки

Two men stand outside Kotiharjun sauna, laughing together, the recogniseable and red neon sauna sign shining above them in the background.
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В Хельсинки множество общественных саун, где можно почувствовать волшебство аутентичной финской сауны.

There is an array of public saunas all over Helsinki, that cater to varying tastes. Whether you are looking for a marine spa and an oasis of urban culture right at the heart of the city, or a sauna in a modern neighbourhood that serves as a combination of a relaxing sauna and a restaurant, you'll find it all.

The Finns believe that saunas are not only a fun recreational activity but also a relaxing way to unwind. Public saunas are somewhat of a unique experience in Helsinki that one must cherish as not only are they refreshing but also a communal activity to partake in. If you are a newbie, remember to read up on sauna etiquette.

Allas Sea Pool

Allas Sea Pool is a marine spa and an oasis of urban culture right at the heart of the city. It offers new ways of enjoying the Baltic Sea, just a stone's throw away from the Market Square and other main attractions. Allas is open all year round, providing unique experiences and recreational activities for townies and travelers. The marine spa has three saunas, two warm water pools and one sea water pool, to which the water is pumped from nearby streams and filtered clean. In addition to these, an outdoor gym, restaurant, bar & café -services, guided wellness- & sports lessons and culture events are on offer.
Katajanokanlaituri 2a

Uusi Sauna

Uusi Sauna in Jätkäsaari is a modern neighbourhood sauna, a combination of a public sauna and a restaurant. Uusi Sauna restaurant seats 100 and has two outdoor terraces. The saunas, separate for men and women, are heated with wood pellets. There's also one electric heated sauna which can be booked for private use.
Välimerenkatu 10

Sauna Hermanni

Sauna Hermanni is one of the three remaining public saunas in Helsinki serving its customers since 1953. The Iki-Kiuas stoves give you nice mellow and relaxing experience. The saunas are separate for women and men. It is possible to rent a towel. Small snacks are also available. Cupping and massage available upon request, reservations, tel.+358 40 838 8963.
Hämeentie 63

Kotiharjun Sauna

Kotiharjun Sauna is the last genuine wood-heated traditional public sauna in Helsinki and has welcomed sauna-goers since 1928. Hardy washing ladies are still on hand to scrub the living daylights out of you should you wish, and massage, cupping and manicures and pedicures are also available by booking in advance. Washing available Sat at 16-19. Towels to rent.
Harjutorinkatu 1


Löyly is a public sauna and restaurant complex in Hernesaari district on the southern tip of Helsinki. The complex includes a traditional Finnish smoke sauna and two other wood-heated saunas, a year-round terrace and a restaurant. The saunas offer direct access to the outdoor seating area and the sea, where it is possible to enjoy a refreshing swim, all year round. There are separate changing rooms and shower facilities for men and women but as the saunas and other public areas are mixed, it means that customers are respectfully asked to wear swimming costumes at all times. The restaurant, favoring ecological and locally produced ingredients, offers lunch, dinner and brunch on Saturdays.
Hernesaarenranta 4


Architect Tuomas Toivonen's and Nene Tsuboi's ecological Kulttuurisauna in the shadow of sculptural Merihaka district. Wood pellet heated saunas for men and women. Seat covers included in admission, towels can be rented. Open all year round, ice swimming in winter. NB! No reservations or groups.
Hakaniemenranta 17


Sompasauna is a woodheated self-service public sauna, built and maintained by a group of volunteers. Visitors enjoy the sauna and swim in the sea at their own risk; there is no lifeguard or staff on-site. The sauna is open around the clock and free for everyone to use. NB! The sauna has been moved to Hermanninranta in early summer 2021.

Lonna sauna

The public sauna on Lonna island pays homage to the traditional sauna culture. The log-built cabin has saunas with lofts for both men and women. Saunas are heated by large wood-burning stoves. Sauna times are set by the hour - 12 new guests can enter both saunas every hour. The bathing time is two hours. There is a large terrace next to the sauna where one can cool off while enjoying great views of the surrounding islands. Mixed sauna days are Tuesday and Friday. Booking in advance is recommended.
Lonna Island

Read up to learn further about the saunas in Helsinki.

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В Хельсинки множество общественных саун, где можно почувствовать волшебство аутентичной финской сауны.