Oittaa recreational area

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<p>Oittaa recreational area, located at the southern end of Lake Bodom, offers multiple possibilities for outdoor activities.
<p>In winter season Oittaa recreational area offers (weather permitting) cross country skiing trails, ice skating, snow shoeing, mountain biking trails and ice swimming. The sauna at the old barn is heated daily during winter season, in summer during weekends.
<p>In summer the beach by the Bodom lake at Oittaa is one of the most popular ones in Espoo. In the area you can also find a frisbee golf course, a beach volleyball field, a permanent orienteering course and an Angry Birds-playground.
<p>From Oittaa recreational area it is also possible to reach Nuuksio national park and Luukki recreational area via outdoor- and nature trails.
<p>The restaurant at Oitta offers tasty and healthy treats as well as lunch. And there's an equipment rental here as well.</p>

Kunnarlantie 33-39

60.241504669189, 24.657569885254

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