Lapinlahti hospital area

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<p>The Lapinlahti Hospital was the first clinical building solely built for psychiatric care in Finland. It is also one of the oldest mental health institutions in all of Europe. It was completed in 1841 following the plans of architect C.L.Engel.
<p>The hospital closed in 2008 and today the spaces are used as eg. workspaces and for cultural activities. Café Lähde is located at the old hospital building. Mental Museum, at the main building 2nd floor, tells about the history of psychiatric healthcare. At the side buildings, in the parklike beautiful settings, one can find eg. a public sauna, a beach and a shop selling handicrafts.
<p>There are also events held in the hospital area.
<p>The Hietaniemi Cemetery is situated right by Lapinlahti, on its northern side. Many notable Finns from presidents to artists are buried there. There are also Orthodox, Islamic, and Jewish cemeteries besides the large Lutheran cemetery.</p>

Lapinlahdenpolku 8

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