Recreational area

Salmi recreation area

Salmi recreation area is a popular recreation area located in Vichti on the northern side of Nuuksio National Park.

Several marked trails are suitable for hiking, jogging or just walking during the summer. During the winter trails are servings as skiing tracks. There are also fixed orienteering points.

There is also an area for camping with tents as well as a camper area, cooking shelters, a sauna for rent and café Pohjoinen Pirtti.


At the Pirttimäki refreshment cabin, located in the northwest of lake Bodom, one can use the paths as well as the hiking trails to get to many directions: to Brobacka, Solvalla, and the Luukkaa recreation area. During the winter, there are skiing trails. Theres's also the Pirttimäki Café Ukén and rental saunas.

The Pirttimäki and Karjakaivo outdoor recreation areas form an extensive whole. The landscape was shaped by the last Ice Age and is quite hilly. Impressive features include steep cliffs, erratic boulders, scenic lakes and ponds, lush bogs and mires. There is also a 1.8 hectare walnut grove in the area.

Luukki recreation area

The heart of Luukki, which is one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in the Helsinki region, is an old manor. Nature trails, in winter ski trails. Cooking shelters by the ponds. Also an area for caravans.

Luukki recreation area is owned by the City of Helsinki.

Oittaa recreational area

Oittaa recreational area, located at the southern end of Lake Bodom, offers multiple possibilities for outdoor activities.

In winter season Oittaa recreational area offers (weather permitting) cross country skiing trails, ice skating, snow shoeing, mountain biking trails and ice swimming. The sauna at the old barn is heated daily during winter season, in summer during weekends.

In summer the beach by the Bodom lake at Oittaa is one of the most popular ones in Espoo. In the area you can also find a frisbee golf course, a beach volleyball field, a permanent orienteering course and an Angry Birds-playground.

From Oittaa recreational area it is also possible to reach Nuuksio national park and Luukki recreational area via outdoor- and nature trails.

The restaurant at Oitta offers tasty and healthy treats as well as lunch. And there's an equipment rental here as well.


Mustikkamaa is located south of Kulosaari, about 5 km from city centre. Mustikkamaa is a popular outdoor recreation area with eg. a beach, kiosk, café and restaurants and tennis courts as well as a summer theatre. Since 1964 a bridge has connected Mustikkamaa to Kulosaari. In 2016 a pedestrians bridge, Isoisänsilta, was opened from the new Kalasatama residential area to Mustikkamaa. The way to Helsinki zoo, Korkeasaari, is also through Mustikkamaa.

Haltialan ulkoilualue

Haltiala is the largest recreational forest area in Helsinki. Several of the nature sights in the Central park are concentrated at the Haltiala area. Most of these can be seen along the nature trails in the area.

Niskala Arboretum, a tree species park in the Haltiala area, can also be visited along nature trails.

The whole Haltiala area is like a picture of a traditional Finnish rural landscape. At the Haltiala farm visitors have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with domestic farm animals. In the summers, the fields of the farm are cultivated with traditional crops and colourful flowers. There are also events at the farm, especially during Easter and Christmas. Café-restaurant Wanha Pehtoori is also located here.

Natura Viva - Nuuksio Haukanpesä

Nuuksio Haukanpesä guide hut is the perfect starting point for an outdoor adventure in Nuuksio National Park. Rent an open canoe, SUP-board, rowing boat or fatbike to explore the secrets of the national park. Get tasty snacks and a lovely cup of coffee from Cafe Silva. Also a large variety of guided tours for individuals and groups available. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Nuuksio!


Kivinokka is a popular public recreational area in the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area of Helsinki. Thousands of city dwellers spend their free time close to nature in this maritime environment. Kivinokka boasts beaches, a nature trail, ancient woodlands, a summer café, a mansion house, summer huts and an allotment garden.

Kivinokka is an area of diverse historical and natural value where one can take a trip outdoors, go for a jog or a swim, enjoy a coffee, watch birds or just have a walk.

Talosaari recreational area

Talosaari (Husö) is a typical south coast area with a 19th century manor in the middle now functioning as a horse riding stable. The highest point is Kasaberget (52 m above sea level). Talosaari is important for natural conservation and includes four protected areas and ten protected sites.