Sophia Wekesa

Standing with Isoisänsilta stretching behind her on a grey and snowy day, Sophia Wekesa pulls back the hood of her mint green coat with her eyes closed and facing the camera.

Helsinki is perfect for night swimming, partying and napping outdoors.

Sophia Wekesa

“You should move to Helsinki if you like the balance between city and open space,” says DJ and dancer Sophia Wekesa.

The best things about Helsinki, according to Wekesa, is that nature is never far away and you can get around town fast by bicycle.

Wekesa is used to thinking about her hometown by its metro stops. She has lived in different parts of Herttoniemi, in Kruununhaka and for the past eight years in Kallio. According to Wekesa, each district has its own kind of energy.

“Kallio is nice because there are so many different kinds of people there. Anyone can feel that they could easily fit in there,” Wekesa says.

Helsinki is full of memories for Wekesa, who has lived her entire life in the Finnish capital. Over the years, the significance of certain places has changed for her. When she walks across Railway Square, she is reminded of her youth and hanging out at the station.

“Helsinki stands out from other cities mostly because my entire life is here,” she explains.

During the pandemic, Wekesa has taken a lot of walks. During these walks, she has noticed many new things about Helsinki, such as details in its architecture, that she had never before paid attention to.

Usually, most of her free time is spent training for her dancing, especially dancehall and street dance. In spring, once the weather warms up, her dance training moves outdoors. Wekesa likes to train with her dance group in such places as the Pengerpuisto park, in front of the Central Library Oodi, and in the courtyard of her apartment building. Any place will do, in fact, as long as the surface is suitable for dancing.

“Street dance is for the outdoors, like in Jamaica!”

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