Hietsun Paviljonki

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<p>Hietsun Paviljonki is a local communal and cultural building situating just next to the oldest and most popular public beach, Hietaranta Beach, in the heart of the Helsinki. </p>
<p>Hietsun Paviljonki offers affordable space for communities, companies and private persons alike to host events, exhibitions, meetings or parties. The old public changing rooms on Hietaranta beach have been refurbished into a community center.</p>
<p>During the summer there's also a small outdoor kitchen &amp; terrace GT 1929, which offers a variety of foods, ice cream, smoothies, beverages and drinks.</p>

Hiekkarannantie 9

60.17359161377, 24.907787322998

Opening hours
Monday: All day open
Tuesday: All day open
Wednesday: All day open
Thursday: All day open
Friday: All day open
Saturday: All day open
Sunday: All day open