Nuuksio Reindeer Park and Amethyst Mining Shelter

Mining shelter
Digging raw amethysts
Feeding reindeer
Raw amethyst from Finland
Raw amethyst from Finland
3 時間
45 €

<p>Welcome to visit Finland’s southernmost reindeer park in Nuuksio, 30 km / 30 min from Helsinki city center and from the airport. A private owned reindeer park is located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park. </p>
<p>Joint ticket to Nuuksio Reindeer park and amethyst mining shelter is including reindeer feeding, our staff tells you about reindeer, campfire coffee (tea/juice) and bun over an open fire in the Lappish Teepee as well as a mining pass to the amethyst mining shelter where you can dig your own lucky stone. </p>
<p>Raw amethysts have been digged ecologically in Upper Luosto quarry in northern Finland and transferred to Nuuksio to be rediscovered. Amethyst is a meditation and power stone that is believed to calm, protect and strengthen the flow of life and what is yet to come. The stone comes with a certificate of authenticity. Joint ticket via online store -10%.</p>

Nuuksiontite 83
60.304292455594, 24.551568031311
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