Noora Al-Ani

Noora Al Ani sitting at the desk.

The best thing about Helsinki is all the possibilities to do things.

Noora Al-Ani

Noora Al-Ani is a Helsinki-based Brown girl, a big consumer of TV series and Business Manager, Digital Publishing at Otava. At work, everything related to digital and audio books goes through her. Right now, however, she is learning to unwind and do nothing.

“I enjoy just walking around Helsinki. It’s super nice. There are a lot of wonderful buildings here, and when you walk without playing on your phone or staring at your toes, just looking up, you can discover surprising beauty,” Al-Ani says.

The best thing about Helsinki is all the possibilities to do things. Al-Ani also considers this a privilege.

“My living environment is so safe that, as a woman for example, I am free to do things alone that I might not be able to do in another country or city.”

Al-Ani grew up in Nurmijärvi, just north of the capital, but Helsinki has become such an organic part of her identity that she could no longer imagine moving back to a small community.

“I lived for 17 years in a place where we were the only Brown people, and I don’t want that kind of life anymore. I prefer to live in a place where there are other people who look like me.”

Today, Al-Ani lives in the eastern part of the city centre, which she familiarly refers to as “Suur-Kallio”.

“Hakaniemi, Sörnäinen, Kallio, Vallila and Alppila – those are the districts where I find the most like-minded people. People of my own age and look who are in similar life situations. People I can identify with!”