10 reasons to live in Helsinki

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What’s the best thing about living in Helsinki? Let’s hear from those who have moved here!

1. Right size.

“The quality of life in Helsinki is really high. This is a suitably sized city, not too big and not too small, and you can get out into the nature really quickly.”

Payam Hosseini, 36, Senior Test Automation Specialist

2. Safety.

“Helsinki is the best city for me because it’s so safe here. Everyday life is made easier by the fact that people here speak English really well.”

Miriam Kim, 36, Student

Nature is always close by in Helsinki.
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3. You can speak English.

“Helsinki is a great place also for those who don’t speak Finnish. Just about all services are available also in English, and you can apply for a job without having to know Finnish.”

Ali Uzun, 30, Software Developer

4. Education is high quality and free of charge. 

“I was attracted to Helsinki by the free and high-quality education programme. Everything works in Helsinki: it’s easy to deal with the authorities, and there are no problems with public transport.”

Maria Theofilopoulou, 27, Master’s degree student studying hotel management

Students at the University of Helsinki Main Library Kaisa House.
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5. The city is growing.

“Helsinki is safe and charming, and most importantly, it’s growing. It’s great to be part of the growing business community here in this city.”

Sharron L. Todd, 37, Café entrepreneur

6. You can get everywhere by bike.

“Even though Helsinki is small, it is spread out over a wide area and it’s easy to get everywhere by bike. The bike paths take you through really nice parks and forests.”

Fotis Tzouvanis, 31, Mechanical engineering student    

7. Big city services.  

“Helsinki is just the right size. It’s quiet but offers all the good things that bigger cities offer – such as lots of vegan alternatives on restaurant menus.”

Christine Assumpção, 26, Master’s student

A woman sits on the saddle of their library bike as she reads through a book in Teurastamo. People are sitting behind her on the ground and on benches enjoying the sun.
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8. Helsinki is lively. 

“I moved to Helsinki because of my boyfriend, and I noticed that the city is really lively and that the people here are really happy. This is an important centre for people in IT and technology.”

Amalia Arsenie, 30, Marketing expert

9. Great wellbeing services. 

“Helsinki has great social services, very little bureaucracy and polite people. I have always felt myself welcome here.”

Kaustuv Banerjee, 33, Physics researcher

10. Family friendly. 

“Life in Helsinki is simple, because society here works. I am having a baby soon, and it feels good to raise the child here, where the education is the best in the world.”

Anh Vu, 25, Finnish language student

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What’s the best thing about living in Helsinki? Let’s hear from those who have moved here!