Coolhead Taproom & Terrace

Coolhead Brewery was founded in 2016 and their mission is to put Finland in the craft beer world map. They are working towards the goal by only releasing interesting, top-quality beers that they love to drink themselves.

The new home in Helsinki is a unique 1500 m2 glass building that used to serve as a greenhouse.
The brewery brews around 250.000 liters per year, focusing on Nordic Sours, IPA's and high-ABV / BA-products. CoolHead is all about the Nordic and exotic clashing. In the beers you can taste the clean, crisp and minimalistic notes resembling the Nordic nature, but also the fresh, colourful and exciting taste of the tropics.

Ravintola Koskenranta

Koskenranta is an idyllic restaurant on the banks of Vanhakaupunginkoski (Old Town rapids). It lies where the original settlement of Helsinki was founded, a unique venue at the crossroads of nature and history. The idyllic building is an old water flow laboratory built in 1946 and it has been converted into a beautiful restaurant.

Viikki arboretum

The arboretum in Viikki was founded in 1969 mainly for research and educational purposes. Today it is a part of City of Helsinki recreational areas. There are about 250 varieties of trees and shrubs from Finland but also from other parts of the world, mainly the northern hemisphere. The area is approx. 20 hectares.

Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area

Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area is a unique nature-, culture- and recreational area close to Helsinki city centre. The bay area reeds are, also internationally, significant bird nesting and watching areas. Several endangered eg. bird-, insect-, bat- and polypore species live in the surrounding nature and especially the surrounding woods. There are bird watching towers and shelters in the area for nature enthusiasts. The wide trail network consists of eg. hiking trails, duck boards and cycling paths. A part of the trails are accessible with wheelchairs and such.