Viikki arboretum

The arboretum in Viikki was founded in 1969 mainly for research and educational purposes. Today it is a part of City of Helsinki recreational areas. There are about 250 varieties of trees and shrubs from Finland but also from other parts of the world, mainly the northern hemisphere. The area is approx. 20 hectares.

Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area

Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area is a unique nature-, culture- and recreational area close to Helsinki city centre. The bay area reeds are, also internationally, significant bird nesting and watching areas. Several endangered eg. bird-, insect-, bat- and polypore species live in the surrounding nature and especially the surrounding woods. There are bird watching towers and shelters in the area for nature enthusiasts. The wide trail network consists of eg. hiking trails, duck boards and cycling paths. A part of the trails are accessible with wheelchairs and such.


Kuusiluoto, located at Vanhankaupunginlahti, is a recreational island part of the city's common recreational park areas.
On the island there is an old villa, run by the association VKEK ry. The association takes care of the premises.

You can access Kuusiluoto by duckboards. Starting at the end of Jokisuuntie there are duckboards (narrow walkway made of wooden planks) that take you via Lammassaari-island to Kuusiluoto, a total of 1.2 km. Rubber boots may be needed during autumn time, when the level of sea water might be even 30 cm above the normal.

In the south-west point of the island there is an old dock where you can swim and fish (at your own risk). It is prohibited to make any kind of open fire on the island.

For several years a few sheep have also spent their summer months at Kuusiluoto.