Kellomäki, Kirkkorinne and Kustaa Vaasan puisto - Gustav Vasa park

The green areas around Vanhankaupunki Bay area currently resemble large meadows rather than traditional parks. The area around Kellomäki is nevertheless diverse, multilayered and historically rich. Archeological research was carried out here in the early 1930s and again between 1989 and 1993.

At the northern end of the park is a monument commemorating the City of Helsinki's 400th anniversary. The memorial was designed by the sculptor Yrjö Rosola (1904-1989) and unveiled in 1950. The memorial features a relief depicting Gustav Vasa's profile and a separate granite memorial plaque that shows the town plan for the years 1550-1640 when Helsinki was first located at the mouth of the Vantaanjoki river.

The area is currently maintained as a meadow and natural lawn.

Café Anneberg

Cafe Anneberg, a summer cafe open each Sunday, is located in one of the oldest villas in Helsinki and near the place where Helsinki was originally founded. Villa Anneberg is surrounded by oaks on a small hill. There is a pony stable and a gardening area for useful, edible plants next to the Villa Anneberg.

Annalan huvila

Annala is an idyllic garden area in Vanhakaupunki run by the Hyötykasviyhdistys association. The heart of the area is the oldest wooden villa in Helsinki, Villa Anneberg, built in 1832.

The villa is owned by the Hyötykasviyhdistys association since 2017 and will one day hopefully be a national center of garden culture in Finland.

The association Annalan huvilan ystävät ry runs a cafe on Sundays in the villa, Cafe Anneberg. Also events.

The Museum of Technology

The Museum of Technology tells the story of the relationship between time, people and technology. It preserves, researches, interprets and relays the history, present and future of Finnish technology and industry.

The permanent and special exhibitions of the museum are held in a delightful old industrial milieu on a beautiful stretch of river.

Free entry to The Museum of Technology on Thursdays.