Dylan Corner

Dylan Corner, a lunch restaurant located in Vallila, offers a lunch buffet with fresh, healthy and delicious salads and warm dishes, as well as sandwiches and coffee/tea. Also a vegan warm dish daily.


Opened in August 2019, Konepaja-sali is a new concert- and events space at the new The Train Factory in Vallilla area. Konepaja-sali is run by No Fear Agency & Promotion Oy.

Sture Cafe Club

Sture Cafe Club in Vallila is located in a functionalist building designed by Ole Gripenberg.

Sture Cafe Club offers breakfast and Mediterranian style food with a Scandinavian twist. During the evenings different music nights and other live performances, eg. jazz and rock'n'roll evenings.

Bistro K

Lunch, small bites and dinner. Delicious and easy dishes, European style.

Bistro K takes also care of the intermission catering for Music theatre Kapsäkki in the same building.