Kulma - keittö & baari

Kulma - Keittiö & Baari is a neighbourhood restaurant aimed for the whole family, located in Torpparinmäki. The kitchen uses as much as possible Finnish seasonal ingredients produced by local producers and the bar offers mainly beverages by Finnish breweries. Also occasional events.

Wanha Pehtoori

Restaurant Wanha Pehtoori is located at the Haltiala farm, a unique country side location in Helsinki. In winter it is a café and lunch restaurant, in summer there's also an outdoor terrace and a grill serving eg. hamburgers. Pehtoori is especially known for their home made doughnuts. Also occasional events.

Dogs are also welcome here.

Haltialan ulkoilualue

Haltiala is the largest recreational forest area in Helsinki. Several of the nature sights in the Central park are concentrated at the Haltiala area. Most of these can be seen along the nature trails in the area.

Niskala Arboretum, a tree species park in the Haltiala area, can also be visited along nature trails.

The whole Haltiala area is like a picture of a traditional Finnish rural landscape. At the Haltiala farm visitors have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with domestic farm animals. In the summers, the fields of the farm are cultivated with traditional crops and colourful flowers. There are also events at the farm, especially during Easter and Christmas. Café-restaurant Wanha Pehtoori is also located here.

Tuomarinkylä Manor

Tuomarinkylä Manor from the 1790s stands on a hill surrounded by fields in Tuomarinkylä in northern Helsinki.

Today the manor buildings host restaurant Annan Kartano, interior design shop Country White, By Pia's outlet with eg. fashion for women, Klementiinan sali- event space and gallery, Klementiinan putiikki-shop and art school Taidekoulu Alfa. The former stables and cowsheds host riding schools. City of Helsinki takes care of the manor area and cultivates the surrounding fields.

Niskala arboretum

In the 1800s and early 1900s, all self-respecting manor house owners had their own arboretums. Niskala arboretum was the show park for Jakob Kavaleff, who was particularly fond of conifers and their special shapes. He imported seeds and saplings from abroad and experimented with them in his nursery and arboretum. The first trees were planted in 1905. Ownership of the arboretum transferred to the City of Helsinki in 1961.

During the last ten years the arboretum has been renewed by planting new species. There are now over 750 different plant species from different parts of the world. New trails and signs help visitors to get acquainted with the area.