Mosa Interiors

Mosa Interiors is a bohemic chic lifestyle shop in Tapanila, Helsinki, selling eg. home decor, textiles, lightning fixtures, furniture, tableware etc. from well known international brands. Also deli products.


Rönttösrouva bakery offers cakes, pastries, bread and other delicacies created honoring traditions from Kainuu, which taste and feel homemade. Enjoy the delicacies on spot at the café, or make an order and pick them up here.

Tapanila church

The plastered church of brick construction, is a typical representative of its era. In addition to the church itself, the church building, dedicated in 1957, has a gym and club facilities. The church was built on a plot purchased with the help of a collection by the small church association. Those travelling north can see the tower of the church, decorated with small, equal-armed crosses.

Tapanila Sports Centre

Tapanila Sport Center offers the most diversified possibilities for in-house sports and other leisure activities in the metropolitan area. There´s a yearly customer usage time of over one million hours with tens of different choices in sport and leisure!

Eg. Helsingin Mailapelikeskus tennis hall, Mosabowling and Helsinki Climbing Centre are part of Tapanila Sport Center.