Peaceful hotel, amazing venue, inspiring meeting place, sauna cabin at the hotels private beach and enormous garden by the sea.

46 cozy twin rooms, lobby bar, gym, sauna and beach sauna. A beach bar with occasional events in summer.

Public sauna at Jollas Manor

The public sauna at the Jollas Manor is a wood-heated sauna offering a homey fireplace, swimming opportunity in the sea and own privacy. The public sauna is available twice a week. Mixed sauna on Thursdays and Sundays plus also a separated sauna for women on Sundays. Tickets in advance online.

Kalliola Summer House

Enjoy Finnish sauna and the atmosphere at Kalliola Summer House at Laajasalo. The sauna is located by the sea side, just a metro and bus ride from the city centre.

The public sauna hours are in summer season, please see webpages or contact Kalliola Summer House for more information.

Bring your own towel and drinking water.

Villa Furuvik seaside sauna

Villa Furuvik, a conference and banquet villa located close to the sea, offers public sauna hours in their sauna. The sauna hosts approx. 12 persons at a time. It is also possible to have a swim, ice swimming in winter, while the sauna is located right by a sheltered, sandy beach.