Geological collections

The geological collections of Luomus (Finnish Museum of Natural History) are located at Kumpula manor in Kumpula Botanic Garden, and open in summertime for visitors.

The collections are divided into rock and mineral collections and paleontological collections. These include specimens of minerals and rocks, meteorites and samples of fossils and bones.

Kumpula allotment garden

Kumpula allotment garden is the second oldest allotment garden in Helsinki. It was founded in 1927. The Kumpula allotment garden association organizes also events open to public. The best known of these events is the midsummer festivities in the area. One of the original cottages from 1929 (at Ruusutie 141) is today a museum and open on summer Sundays at 12-14.

Kart'in Club

Kart'in Club is a versatile indoor karting center with a track which can be varied and cars for both beginners and professionals, also cars for children (from 120cm up).