Puhos Center

Puhos Center, in Kulosaari, offers 3 indoor tennis courts and 4 indoor badminton courts. Sauna and equipment rental available for customers, also kiosk selling refreshments and snacks.

Leposaari - Kulosaari cemetery

Kulosaari cemetery on the small Leposaari island is closely related to the history of the Kulosaari area. Several prominent figures of art, science, military and economic life are buried here.

There's also a soldier's graveyard in Leposaari for 18 fallen soldiers of the Winter- and Continuation War. And a monument in memory of six soldiers gone missing in war. The graveyard and the monument were designed by architect Arne Helander, who also designed the cemetery gate and an area on the east side of the cemetery. The relief on the monument was designed by sculptor Ben Renvall from Kulosaari.


Kivinokka is a popular public recreational area in the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area of Helsinki. Thousands of city dwellers spend their free time close to nature in this maritime environment. Kivinokka boasts beaches, a nature trail, ancient woodlands, a summer café, a mansion house, summer huts and an allotment garden.

Kivinokka is an area of diverse historical and natural value where one can take a trip outdoors, go for a jog or a swim, enjoy a coffee, watch birds or just have a walk.