Eiranpuisto - Eira Park

Eira Park was originally known as Eira Green (Eiranpuistikko) and fondly referred to among locals as Flower Park (Kukkapuisto). It was created at the same time as the prestigious district of Eira in the early 1900s. Construction of the park was completed in 1913. Eira Park has always been a traditional baroque-style park designed for strolling, admiring the plants and relaxing on the park benches among the trees and flower beds. In 2000 a fine marble sculpture, Three Vessel-Carrying Boys, designed by Matti Haupt (1912-1999) was placed in the southwest corner of the park.


Sikke's is a charming neighbourhood bistro, or like a friends livingroom. The friend who always cooks lovely dinners. You might get meatballs from Napels, crispy fried fish, catch of the day, of course, or rabbit stew cooked in a French or Italian way.

The bar is also open for a glass of wine, perhaps with something small to eat, or why not have the whole dinner by the bar?

Cafe Carusel

Cafe Carusel is a cosy cafe and restaurant by the seashore near Kaivopuisto park. For over 20 years, locally produced and ecological values have been the core of the activity. Cafe Carusel serves fresh pastries, delicious lunch and a la carte.

During the summer Carusel also has one of the most popular outdoor terraces in Helsinki.