Koivusaari is a small island next to Lauttasaari. There are two yacht clubs on the island.

A new district is being planned in Koivusaari, alongside the West Metro.


Villinki is an island, or islands to be more specific, in Eastern Helsinki, close to Jollas and Santahamina.

There is a manor and private villas on the west Villinki island, but it is possible to get acquainted with the island nature by walking on the criss-crossing paths in the centre of the island.

East Villinki island is a restricted military area.

Cafe Kobben

Katajanokanluoto is a small island open for public just outside Helsinki city centre.

Cafe Kobben on the island offers delicious pizza baked in a real Italian gas fired pizza oven, cold and hot beverages and sweet and savoury delicacies.

A boat connection to the island from the Market Square during summer season.


Vasikkasaari island, located on the west side of Santahamina in Helsinki, is a recreational island of about 18 hectares. The island is available for the city residents' recreational use. There are also summer residents and their small cabins on the island.

Vasikkasaari features two guided pathways: a main route that presents the island's historical sites and a well-being trail in the western part of the island. The texts for each point of interest can be found here:

There's scheduled ferry traffic from the Market Square on weekends during summer season.


Hattusaari in the Eastern Helsinki archipelago offers an excellent view towards the open sea. The 2,6h island is a nature reserve, mostly open and treeless, and a popular bird nesting area.

Short term camping in a tent is possible, however there is not public transport and any public services other than a toilet on the island.