Kellomäki, Kirkkorinne and Kustaa Vaasan puisto - Gustav Vasa park

The green areas around Vanhankaupunki Bay area currently resemble large meadows rather than traditional parks. The area around Kellomäki is nevertheless diverse, multilayered and historically rich. Archeological research was carried out here in the early 1930s and again between 1989 and 1993.

At the northern end of the park is a monument commemorating the City of Helsinki's 400th anniversary. The memorial was designed by the sculptor Yrjö Rosola (1904-1989) and unveiled in 1950. The memorial features a relief depicting Gustav Vasa's profile and a separate granite memorial plaque that shows the town plan for the years 1550-1640 when Helsinki was first located at the mouth of the Vantaanjoki river.

The area is currently maintained as a meadow and natural lawn.

Aarrepuisto - Treasure Park

Aarrepuisto, Treasure Park, is located in Vesala, between the streets Aarteenetsijäntie and Aarteenetsijänkuja. It is bordered along both sides by apartment buildings that were built in the 1980s.

The outstanding feature of the park is the Mellunkylänpuro creek that flows through the canyon-like terrain. The pleasant sound of the water as it runs down the small rapids spreads throughout the park.

Altogether the park boasts 113 different plant species and over 6000 individual plants including flower bulbs. The park is in flower from spring to autumn for visitors to enjoy.


Meripuisto in southern Helsinki is divided into functional areas as well as open park space. There's a lovely area with benches at the Merikatu end with peonies, lilies and blooming cherry trees in spring. The popular playground has maritime themed play equipment.

Tarja Halonen park

Tarja Halonen park is a small park in front of the Helsinki City Theatre in Kallio. The park was named after President Tarja Halonen in honor of her 70th birthday. There is a sculpture by sculptor Kari Juva in the park, Thalia and Pegasos (1970).

Hyväntoivonpuisto Park

Hyväntoivonpuisto Park will become the green heart of Jätkäsaari. Once complete, the park will be 88 metres wide and slightly more than a kilometre long. In other words, it will be as wide as Esplanade Park but as large as Kaivopuisto Park overall.

Hyväntoivonpuisto Park will be perfect for children's games, resting on the grass and sports. There will be several children's playgrounds in the park, some of which are open to everyone and others which are used by daycare centres.

Hyväntoivonpuisto Park is not only a recreational area, but also a central route for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The main walking and cycling route runs in the middle of the park and connects Ruoholahti to the sea through Jätkäsaari. There are connecting routes and various shortcuts to the main route across the park.