La Bella Trattoria

The menu of the Italian restaurant La Bella Trattoria in Kalasatama offer all kinds of traditional Italian food; several varieties of pasta, carefully cooked risotto, pizza and salads. Also fish, poultry and meat dishes.

Papa Albert Ristorante & Bar

At Restaurant Papa Albert's table, at Original Sokos Hotel Albert in the heart of Punavuori, you can enjoy life the authentic Italian way. The food is delicious, the drinks are great and the people are relaxed. The menu provides an extensive range of Italian delicacies, such as antipasti, pizza, big salads and tasty pasta.

Enjoy the delicious food and the great atmosphere.

Besides the good food and relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant entertains its guests with Papa Albert Jazz Club every other Friday.

Pizza MIX

At pizza MIX in Olari, Espoo, the pizza is the queen of the menu! Using mostly fine, high-quality Italian ingredients, Pizza MIX is a happy chance to visit Italy, without leaving Finland.

Trattoria il Faro

The menu in restaurant il Faro offers a selection of Mediterranean cuisine, from west to east.

The restaurant is located in a cosy location right by the canal in Herttoniemenranta. The summer terrace opens both to east and west, so there's always sun.


Madonna is a classic restaurant, bar and terrace, located in an old factroy building and serving favourite dishes and drinks from the entire treasure trove of the Italian boot.

The pizza is thin and crispy Roman style, pasta often home-made, topping it off with gelato made right in the Madonna kitchen.

The bar, a golden and velvety centrepiece of the dining room, serves classic cocktails and beloved Italian drinks - not to forget about Madonna's own limoncello.

With its extravagant Murano lamps and lemon-filled marble fountains, the restaurant's décor is a warm breeze in the midst of Scandinavian minimalism.