Paint Punavuori

The base of hair stylist saloon Paint Punavuori is strong workmanship and knowledge, as well as continuous education, which ensures trendy hairstyles for the clients.

Paint Punavuori is specifically into dying and bleaching hair, and REDKEN-products guarantee the best possible results.

Suolaklinikka - Salt Clinic

Suolaklinikka is a salt clinic with beautiful antique furniture, a luxurious salt room including a hybrid sauna with both an infrared heater and with jadeite sauna stones, and the temperature set on 60C. Jadeite releases minerals to the inhaled air. A salt room treatment improves the ventilation capacity and moisturizes the skin with salt of natural minerals.

Public sauna at Jollas Manor

The public sauna at the Jollas Manor is a wood-heated sauna offering a homey fireplace, swimming opportunity in the sea and own privacy. The public sauna is available twice a week. Mixed sauna on Thursdays and Sundays plus also a separated sauna for women on Sundays. Tickets in advance online.