Bistro Gimis

The neighborhood restaurant, Bistro Gimis, is like a little piece of Helsinki itself - "stadi"* kind of flavors, feeling of being on the move and the proximity of the sea make it an attractive meeting point in the middle of the most interesting growth area in Helsinki. The restaurant uses ingredients from local producers as well as small producers.

*) "stadi" means city in Helsinki slang


A neighbourhood bistro and wine bar in Ullanlinna district. The menu serves eg. oven baked dishes as well as pizzas.

Bistro Manu

At Bistro Manu, food and drinks are served with traditional mastery. In the olden days, "manu" referred to a master who was the best professional in their field. The Masters at Bistro Manu are skilled in using the soup ladle, preparing cocktails and charming customers with excellent restaurant experiences. Bistro Manu invites modern masters and everyday heroes to pop in to enjoy good service, food and drinks.

Restaurant Lönkka

Lönkka is bistro and local beer dealer located in the city centre. Lönkka's cuisine is modern european kitchen. The restaurant offers unpretentious and honest food with warm and friendly service, not forgetting the relaxed and immediate atmosphere. Choose a quick lunch dish of the day, enjoy dinner or just pop in to the bar for a great glass of wine or to try some local beers or cocktails. A part of the tables are always kept unreserved.